Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A diversion from my "usual" writing-fare, but one that's near to my heart... My first music video, directed by my uber-talented friend, Scott David Martin, and starring Hannah Sullivan. Here's to all the "Cinderella's" out there! May all of your dreams come true...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

If Dogs Were Editors..., would we feel loved. My editor is more like Simon Cowell. But every now and again--okay, often--I read aloud to my beloved (did I mention deaf?) bull dog, Zoe. She may be slightly less literate than my Cowell-esque editor, but she sure does listen well (with her heart) and praise me as I walk through the door with my manuscript (with a number she calls, "squirmy-dance-with-wiggling-tail"). Though she occasionally snores mid-listen, she never leaves me feeling unworthy, unloved or "pedestrian" (my favorite feedback term I've heard applied to writers...). Granted, thumbs-up from my editor means a great deal and I find myself perpetually on my toes. I dig him, I should add, he's tres cool; but nothing beats a furry friend writing companion. (I'll address the bird another time...)

No matter who we are, what we do or what echelon of success we meet, life would rather stink without the unconditional support of loved ones...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do We/Dreams Grow Up?

Strolling through the Assamese mountains in Northern India, crooning my latest spiritual-funk hits over radio waves and hosting a English/Hindi talk show with my BFF Jill...That's what the 5-year-old me dreamed of becoming when I grew up. I also considered mountain climbing, after watching "The Sound of Music," none too coincidentally. When I realized that climbers don't actually sing in fields with outstretched arms, and must wear atrociously ugly shoes, I moved on.

As a child, according to "Slate Magazine," author Amy Bloom aspired to become an "inspiring, heroic boy." Writer, Jane Smiley dreamed of becoming a nuclear physicist, and author, Vivian Gornick, hoped to evolve into a prince. I'm not surprised that these talented, accomplished writers held dreams that involved inspiration, imagination and even the impossible. (In the world of writing, impossibility fails to exist--unless as a significant plot point, of course. ;))

My parents sent me a box of childhood keepsakes recently, chock-full of mysteries I composed during grade school...(the "Mysterious Pizza Tree," and the "Mystery of the Big-Headed Man," for example.) They reminded me that most of my meanderings about my future pursuits took place in journal form, or between chapters of Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King and Baby Sitters Club mysteries. My nose was perpetually glued to books. Perhaps whatever it is we dream of becoming as children remains our dream throughout our lives. We may stray from it and it may take various forms, but I suspect the heart of it never changes.

Agree? Disagree? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

(The below photo is a snapshot from a recent photo shoot I did for Dolly Couture. Like I said, dreams seldom change...)