Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Workaholic, Schmerkaholic...(Vacation's are OK.)

With tears coursing from my cheeks to my keyboard pad, I finished my novel on the 16the day of the 6th month at 9:36am. Seeing as 3's my lucky number--and what better judge of success and possiblitiy is that?! ;)--I'm stoked on multiple levels. I'm now in the polishing/final touches stage, in eager anticipation of meetings with several agents in September. (Cross your fingers and toes, 3 times!)

I've since been enjoying a rather European-style summer, in which I work less and play, rest and travel more, without beating myself up (very often) for my "laziness" (which I don't rationally believe in). Granted, my rendition of "play" often involves writing...and working less still lands me at a reasonably hefty schedule. I am, however, starting to see the value in the Euro-way. When I lived in Paris, I grew tired of people asking me where I'd planned to go "for holiday." Christmas is months away, I kept thinking. It took me a while to catch on... Once I did, I loathed the idea of taking a month or so off work to do, in my opinion, nothing.

Having spent time with my family in Minnesota--relishing my beautiful sister's wedding--and in North Carolina for the 4th of July, I'm finding that respite effects my writing like much-needed "mental health days" home from school. According to a National Sleep Foundation study, the average American employee works 46 hours per week and 38% of Americans work more than 50 hours per week--factors linked with sleep problems, reduced lifespan, yadda yadda... I imagine self-employed/independent contractor types (present company, for example) work even more. Since pursuing work one enjoys improves longevity, I figure I've cancelled my heightened risk factors, I hope. If not, I'll rely upon my European-style summers, which may last days, or weeks or more, and which I may opt to cancel at anytime.

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