Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brain Spa: FAR, FAR, FAR

Yesterday I woke feeling what I’ve come to call “groggily.” (It reads like an adverb, speaks like an adjective and need not make sense, seeing as you use it when you feel blah, foggy, gross and/or blob-like.)

Was it hormones? Lack of sleep? My early-morning bull dog alarm? Regardless of the cause, I couldn't shake it. Once I realized that I’d written almost a full article on the effects of caffeine on cellulitis, which was supposed to cover caffeine’s effects on cellulite--a completely different animal, I surrendered to a much-needed break.

I headed to the salon for a haircut, met a fabulous stylist named Spring... (My last stylist was named June, go figure!) then came home for a pretend nap to the tune of an Oprah rerun in the background. My mother instilled this in me as a youngster: “If you close your eyes and rest, it’s just as good as sleeping!”

Last night I slept like a rock and have been writing away all morning, my intellectual capabilities for the most part replenished.

My New Year’s resolution was to rest more and yesterday served as a reaffirming reminder.

In his book, “The Power of Rest: Why Sleep Alone is Not Enough,” Dr. Matthew Edlund offers a valuable technique for instilling rest into your every day. Food, Activity, Rest. I’m recommitting to FAR as of this very moment. Which's time for a snack.

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