Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your Book Made My Butt Hurt (My Fan-Letter to Mike Sirota)

Let me explain...

For whatever reason, I read best at the gym. Amidst a hectic couple of weeks, I found myself longing to delve back into the book that "had me" from Chapter One.

I brought my Kindle to the stairclimber, hoping for a solid 30 - 40 minute reading/workout session. Well... an hour later, the darn machine turned off! (Apparently there's a time limit...)

Chapter One was one of the most original, haunting -- okay, and intimidating -- pieces I believe I've read. It's a stand-alone story that could itself be made into a movie. I'll likely read it again and again.

It stayed in my mind throughout the book, which was more like stepping into an entire world than a novel. (I suppose great novels do that.) I was equally struck by the realness of the characters, the places, even the ghosts. There were no "jumping cats," as they say in the film business -- every bit made perfect, even rational sense. The way you wove the characters and story together, switching from one character's perspective to the next, blew me away... Odd as this may sound, it read more to me like a symphony than a book.

I wondered at first whether this supposed "love story" was actually going to happen. Once it did, HOLY SCHMOLEY. I read faster, probably climbed the stairs faster, and before I knew it... The End. (What? No!!!)

A young man "climbing" next to me said, "Must've been a good one."

Huh? "Oh...the book. Yes!" (Reminder to self: You're at the gym.)

Apparently he'd tried to nab my attention twice and I ignored him. After I briefed him on the book, he typed "Fire Dance" into his i-phone and promised me a review next time I see him. If, that is, I can get his attention.

Thanks for writing such a fun, readable book. It reminded me of the reason I first fell in love with reading in the first place -- no better, or cooler, escape. ;) So hurry up and finish that next one! In your own good time, of course.

And don't worry. The exercise wasn't compulsive -- only the reading. I plan to replenish lost calories and more ASAP. As for my butt ache, it was worth it.

Your fan,


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