Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Leap

I quit modeling more times than I recall throughout my career. Today, I quit officially -- no more contract renewals, no more "leaving my options open." That method likely works well for some people, but it doesn't bode well with me.

Knowing that my agent might call with an appointment, check my availability for a job or, god forbid, a booking, felt like having a boyfriend while continuing to flirt with other options, just in case! Well...just as I've committed to Mr. Lifelong (today's is our 3 year anniversary, by the way ;)), I've committed to my writing career.

The last time I passed on a big film audition, I finished my first novel -- that very day. After I turned down a walk-on TV role a few months later, I got a new writing client and a marked pay raise. Who knows what today's decision will bring...

I do know this: When you're honest to yourself, you are honest to the world. It only makes sense that professional authenticity and success should follow. I also know that when I write, I'm happy.

If more people pursued their dreams, I imagine many of the world's problems would end, if not minimize. As long as I've listened to my heart and moved forward with purpose, I've had food on the table and joy in my heart. Okay, so some of those days, my food came from the 99 Cent store... But you know what? Even then, I felt rich.

It's not that I don't look before I leap... I just don't wait for the giant net and "GO" sign to do it.

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