Sunday, May 16, 2010


Once upon a time there was a girl who couldn’t connect to the internet. Though she knew of countless other matters of greater significance in the world (starving children, global warming, the health and wellness of her loved ones, having loved ones in the first place…) she still felt like whining, kick-boxing a heavyweight dummy-bag and ripping every clothing item she owned out the window. (She realized her last wish made little sense.) She had deadlines to meet, research to conduct…not to mention this goofy blog she’s recently embarked upon. Did she mention her stress headache?

Sure, she could haul her computer to a Starbucks – again. And she will, tomorrow. But, today is Sunday...and don’t even workaholic writers deserve some slack? (It’s practically written in the bible. She thinks.) *Sigh.* She wonders if the universe is suggesting she lay around sloth-like in her PJ's with Ben and Jerry to keep her company. She knows herself well enough to know, however, that sloth-like respite aggravates her more than cell-phone-talking-beer-drinking-drivers-who-do/say-rude-things-to-kind/loving-people.

So…she rants about it, safely within the constructs of her bedroom, forces herself to thank her lucky stars for life’s vast blessings, then conjures a suspense thriller about a woman who plots to conquer Viral-Techno-BLECH-Man, the computer virus wreaking havoc on all women’s and creative artists’ lives, and wins. Her novel leaps to the top of best seller lists and lands her on Oprah. “What inspired you to compose this story?" the queen of talk asks. "And can we hang out after the show?"

“Funny you should ask," she responds. "And yes.”

"The prize is always worth the rocky ride." Emily Saliers

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