Monday, May 17, 2010

What a difference...

...a good night's sleep makes. I awoke to the sound of rain falling outside my window and the happy realization tha the parking tickets in my dream were ficticious...whew.

During my morning drive I contemplated a play I saw over the weekend--"Begal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo." I love art that entertains, educates and pries your mind wide open. I don't know much about the writer (Rajiv Joseph) but I got the feeling that he conjured a premise and fascinating characters--some metaphoric, others true-to-life--then let the characters drive the story. I aspire to write that way, too...(Who can "write" a more authentic or poignant story than the characters who actually live in it?) I suppose there are as many approaches to writing as there are writers. Hooray for them all...I dedicate my hooray's today to Rajiv Joseph and Moises Kauffman (the director).

An idea struck me while sitting in the darkened theater before curtains went up: how cool would it be to sit at the center of a stage and write a story? Guess that's my next self-imposed challenge. Off to soak up s'more alone is rainbow enough for me.

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